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Roadie + Seth + Marissa
I was stuck at my friends place for a few more hours so I decided to use the free time to deal with the screen captures for the Seth and Marissa fanlisting. All of them are back up and complete as I think I now have each episodes complete, related, screen captures. Thanks always to meltingconfetti for her fabulous caps and to all the sources for the promo stills. The gallery can be accessed at photobucket : http://photobucket.com/brighterday_gallery using password: sethxmarissa . Please feel free to view and batch download for private use if you have a software program or extension that can do just that. As always do not direct-link/hot-link.

A side note all fan art excluding icons are currently lost. There is no plans to add fan art to this account. But I'll let you know if that changes.
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
Just a short message to inform that "Brighter Day", the TFL.org approved fanlisting for The O.C.'s Seth Cohen and Marissa Copper is back up and newly loaded at http://brighterday.freehostia.com/sethxmarissa. Please update your bookmark and, or, link. And if you are not yet a member you are welcome to join. Also note that the site is primarily acting as a fanlisting. Fan Site content will be added back as time provides. Thanks for understanding.
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
If you are reading this you are one of the devoted few looking for current updates on "Brighterday", the fan site and tfl.org approved fanlisting for the O.C's Seth Cohen and Marissa Cooper. Unfortunately the site unexpectedly vanished due to unknown issues with the server and, or, host. Until further information can be taken into account the site will be closed. Thanks for understanding.
Apr 04/08 10:58 am - Nothing Much Is New
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
There's no new members to add and sadly I have no updates to the gallery. We are in the process of moving and I've had barely any time for myself. I hope everyone is having a happy spring. Continue to enjoy the gallery and the site.
Dec 24/07 10:28 am(no subject)
Roadie + Seth + Marissa

It's time to do the Elf Boogie Dance! I want to wish all fans, members and visitors, both loyal and casual, a blessed season! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Joyous Holidays. May your time be spent in the company of those you love and who love you.

*A special present as promised. Icons! To my LiveJournal crew, these are the same as already posted. To everyone else these are new icons made from public appearances stock. Hope you enjoy.
Dec 18/07 1:39 pm - A Mini Update
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
A few items were added to the gallery courtesy of Amy. And I'll return later with some special presents for the holiday season. I made icons yesterday rather quickly so they're fairly simple but they are mostly from public apperances so hopefully they'll appeal to all bases of the ship. I may be inspired to make more as re-watching The O.C. as of late has sparked my love. I'm also intrigued to see what special features are to be on the new complete series collection boxset. I don't have plans to buy it right now but possibly in the coming months as I save up money.
Other 5
!Well, my own personal is back in my possession, which I would like to think will make updating the Web site easier and more frequent. Still, I won't hold any firm promises. My internet connections are running smoother too, still I think I'll wait to book some high-speed time at the library to deal with updating the gallery. For now this will mostly be fan art additions. I've unfortunately haven't heard back from Alyssa, therefore I won't be adding season three screen captures. If anyone is able to assist with making season three screen captures that would be amazing. Full credit will be given and virtual hugs will abound. Also, if anyone is buying the complete series set, after taking some time with the two-discs of extras, could you kindly let us know if there is anything 'Roadie' specific.

!Haven't updated any site sections, except to re-upload the gallery header, which I forgot to copy over when I installed the latest version of Coopermine. And Currently there are no new members to be added to the fanlisting.

!Love and hugs to all the loyalists who still haunt the Web site and gallery. I miss you guys, and hope to be around are usually dives soon. =; )
Oct 16/07 9:06 am - Member Update
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
Please welcome Marianne our newest member. I'd also like to say that things have been crazy for a while. My computer crashed and I've been away for the last few weeks. It's put a hold on things for the time being, but I hope to be updating soon!
Jul 26/07 12:18 pm - Summertime Notes
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
I'm not checking in with huge updates, just a number of smaller notes to mention.

!I've made the observation that .html pages loading inside the in-line frame didn't have a way back to the index page. They were essential dead ends to anyone who accessed a page from a referring search engine. I apologize for the mix-up and have rectified the problem. At the end of each page included is a link back to home (aka the index page).

!I haven't had a chance to really sift around our home bases on Fan Forum and Fan Bolt lately. But I hope to return in the coming days and see if our usual fan art contributors have new work to be added to the gallery.

!In relation to our home bases and message boards in general, I was thinking of starting a community on Facebook. Of course this begins with you the site visitor and whether or not you have a Facebook account. Please let me know if this is of interest to you. I don't want to start a community that will have no members and activity.

!I sincerely would love for Alyssa to offer her capping talents, but I have no official word if she'll still be able to do them. I'll keep all of you posted and will upload caps ASAP if they come in.

!I'm fairly certain there hasn't been new members to add to the fanlisting, but I'll have to re-check my e-mail account to double check. If there are any new members they'll be added sometime this weekend.

!I hope everyone is having a blessed summer, enjoying your time with loving friends and, or, family.
Jun 30/07 9:21 am - The Story Will Continue ...
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
!Based on a comment I recently received I sense some people are wondering whether this site will remain open. The definitive answer is yes. This site will not be closing. And provided our host will continue to have us as a part of the great fan-sites.org team there will be no shift either.

Our duo in what ever form you chose to be a fan of, short of casual friends, was most always a fantasy anyway and that remains just as true post-O.C. as it did during the show's North American run.

!As the fantasy continues so does my fan fiction. I've essentially arched out the the last few chapters and even wrote more crucial parts of the final. It's liberating the way it flowed from my brain to my fingers. The question remains how I fill the space between the last published chapter of "The Seth and Marissa Series". I have one fairly complete chapter that never got published which follows right after the last. And I have scrambled bits and pieces of other chapters, most all of them just as angst ridden as the last few published were. I figure I may have been digging too far down a angst-filled whole to the point where turning back would seem pointless considering how I wrote Seth and Summer in the context of their relationship. I think I better save myself now, before it's too late.
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