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Brighter Day - Updates
Summertime Notes 
Jul 26/07 12:18 pm
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
I'm not checking in with huge updates, just a number of smaller notes to mention.

!I've made the observation that .html pages loading inside the in-line frame didn't have a way back to the index page. They were essential dead ends to anyone who accessed a page from a referring search engine. I apologize for the mix-up and have rectified the problem. At the end of each page included is a link back to home (aka the index page).

!I haven't had a chance to really sift around our home bases on Fan Forum and Fan Bolt lately. But I hope to return in the coming days and see if our usual fan art contributors have new work to be added to the gallery.

!In relation to our home bases and message boards in general, I was thinking of starting a community on Facebook. Of course this begins with you the site visitor and whether or not you have a Facebook account. Please let me know if this is of interest to you. I don't want to start a community that will have no members and activity.

!I sincerely would love for Alyssa to offer her capping talents, but I have no official word if she'll still be able to do them. I'll keep all of you posted and will upload caps ASAP if they come in.

!I'm fairly certain there hasn't been new members to add to the fanlisting, but I'll have to re-check my e-mail account to double check. If there are any new members they'll be added sometime this weekend.

!I hope everyone is having a blessed summer, enjoying your time with loving friends and, or, family.
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