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Brighter Day - Updates
"It's Good To Have My Old Friend Back" 
Nov 12/07 9:26 am
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!Well, my own personal is back in my possession, which I would like to think will make updating the Web site easier and more frequent. Still, I won't hold any firm promises. My internet connections are running smoother too, still I think I'll wait to book some high-speed time at the library to deal with updating the gallery. For now this will mostly be fan art additions. I've unfortunately haven't heard back from Alyssa, therefore I won't be adding season three screen captures. If anyone is able to assist with making season three screen captures that would be amazing. Full credit will be given and virtual hugs will abound. Also, if anyone is buying the complete series set, after taking some time with the two-discs of extras, could you kindly let us know if there is anything 'Roadie' specific.

!Haven't updated any site sections, except to re-upload the gallery header, which I forgot to copy over when I installed the latest version of Coopermine. And Currently there are no new members to be added to the fanlisting.

!Love and hugs to all the loyalists who still haunt the Web site and gallery. I miss you guys, and hope to be around are usually dives soon. =; )
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