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Brighter Day - Updates
Seth&Marissa Screen Captures Back Up! 
Jun 23/08 2:22 pm
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
I was stuck at my friends place for a few more hours so I decided to use the free time to deal with the screen captures for the Seth and Marissa fanlisting. All of them are back up and complete as I think I now have each episodes complete, related, screen captures. Thanks always to meltingconfetti for her fabulous caps and to all the sources for the promo stills. The gallery can be accessed at photobucket : http://photobucket.com/brighterday_gallery using password: sethxmarissa . Please feel free to view and batch download for private use if you have a software program or extension that can do just that. As always do not direct-link/hot-link.

A side note all fan art excluding icons are currently lost. There is no plans to add fan art to this account. But I'll let you know if that changes.
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