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Roadie + Seth + Marissa
The times are shifting. It's been months now since The O.C. ended so of course fandom sites are fading away. The O.See collective is sadly one of them. We were pleased to be listed there. And we send our best wishes to the Web master's future projects.

Ironically we have a new affiliate to add. It's a fandom site for Gilmore Girl's Rory&Jess called "Blurred Photographs". It has a nice design and from my briefing of it great content too. We're proud to have it join our affiliates list.
May 27/07 2:32 pm - Yet Again, Fan Art
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
Things have been crazy all through this week and last to say the least. Some serious family drama kept me at bay from the simple pleasures in my life including the internet. But here I am taking a much needed break.

Sort of new fan art from Amy has been added to the gallery. There's a few manip bases and other goodies. A sampling is below.

P.S. Just a quick note that the fanlisting is still current and updated. I just haven't received any new-member forms in a while.
Other 5
Well, I'm finally back from my trip to the states. Ok, so I've been back since late Sunday evening. But I have some interesting news. While in the states I got a steal on The O.C. [SE3]. So now I can start re-watching and maybe have some good source material for the site. I know season three was light on 'Roadie', but I usually can pick things out my ass anyway. I also picked up two interesting little books on The O.C. One is an unofficial guide mostly covering season one, and, the other is a official cast bio book. Haven't had a chance to go through both, but, the later had a nice little thing from Mishca on the essential-for-us car scene in "The Model Home". I thought I'd post the excerpt.

[Oftentimes Mishca will pick up a script and see that Marissa will do or say something that Mischa says or does. For example, one day Mischa was having a conversation about music with fellow castmate Adam Brody. Josh Schwartz, The O.C. creator, overheard and took note. Soon after, says Mischa, "There was a scene in a car where we're talking about what kind of music we listen to and Marissa says she listens to punk. Then Seth starts making fun of her till she tells him she listens to the Clash and the Ramones. It's really funny because we had that conversation on set and Josh heard it all."]

While away Chrissy made the following (see below) and I added it to the gallery.

Apr 12/07 12:47 pm - Gallery Loaded With New Fan Art
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
I've been a busy woman lately with volunteer work and other great things. And soon I'm leaving for a trip to my old home area of Masschussets and a trip to see my grams in New Jersey. Hopefully when things calm down I can work on the episode guide, ect. In the meantime I made a small gallery update. I added new fan art from Amy. Below is a preview.

Mar 28/07 11:43 am - Fan Fiction Notes
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
Wow, I finally got a nice little e-mail with contributions for the site. It's two complete fan fics that I've only just started reading last night. I'll decide whether I'll add them to the recommended fan fic list in the coming days.

I also got a note asking whether I would be updating The Seth and Marissa Series. I've given it a lot of thought and ideas have been swirling in my head. But it's a matter of having the time to devote to writing a quality closing. I can't promise anything at this point, but I would love to finish it off. It meant so much to me in the time I was writing it.

I have new fan art from Amy, but I don't have the time to upload it to the gallery right now. I may wait till more builds up and do a bigger post.
Mar 25/07 11:07 am - More Fan Art From Amy!
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
Amy has been amazing with her general manips and now scene manips. It really gets the mind flowing with daydreams and fantasies for these two. Here's two more ...

Mar 24/07 8:50 am - On The Set Pics + More Fan Art
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
!Whether you feel spring or not, it is here. I hope it's blessed and bright for everyone! -- FYI, I feel good about making these regular updates even when the show has ended. Now I just have to get to finishing my wrap-up write-up for Editorial Newport. -- Oh and another FYI, I'm crazy in love with George and Izzy even after just two weeks of watching Grey's Anatomy! If you never watched GA now would be the time as these two are simply love personified. Now back to topic ...

!These two on the set pictures from "The Chrismukkah that Almost Wasn't" have been floating around the boards and I couldn't resist in posting them. I haven't decided if I'll add them to the gallery as I usually don't add these type of photos. But here they are for now.

!Also added new fan art from Amy.
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
Added a new manip base and banner from Amy to the gallery. Also a older fan art from Chrissy. That is all, =: ) .
Mar 17/07 9:30 am - Mood Theme Re-Added!
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
In my reorganizing I forgot to upload the zip file and preview for the mood theme. More info for the mood theme is on the extras page.
Mar 13/07 3:28 pm - I've Got New Designs ...
Roadie + Seth + Marissa
So finally the new layout is uploaded. I'm pleased with the final results and feel I succeeded in giving the site a refreshed look. I've downsized some pages and did some small organizational things. The Vault and Conspiracy pages have merged and the section is down till I can get it properly updated and reorganized. Anyone who is willing to offer episode research help please leave a comment with your e-mail. We can seriously use all the help we can get. Also, there's a new look at the gallery.
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